Jason Boyd


A review of Storyteller

Storyteller’s subtitle is “Beauty through simplicity,” and the liner notes state, “The aim of this album is to simply let the piano ‘speak’ in a clear, concise but most importantly, beautiful manner.” Several of the ten tracks on this album are really compelling, while a few are a bit too repetitious for these ears. Still, the really strong tracks are excellent and promise great things from this young composer.

Storyteller begins with the title track, a lovely piece that doesn’t quite have a melody, but follows a pattern of chord progressions that create a quiet, hypnotic atmosphere. “New Horizon” would probably be extremely effective with visuals, but to intently listen to it gets too repetitive for me. “Evening Waltz” has a bittersweet and graceful melody set to a simple waltz rhythm. Very classical in style, I really like this one!  My favorite track is “Echoes of Time.” In fact, I LOVE this piece! It begins in the deep bass of the piano, very dark and mysterious. A second, more rhythmic theme enters, and then gives way to a ballad style that tells a tale that isn’t so dark. The themes alternate, contrasting with each other and conveying their stories. It’s extremely effective and emotionally charged! “The Promise” is very simply told, coming straight from the heart. Very spare yet full of expression, I really like this one, too! “Distant Star” has an infectious energy that propels it into vast open space – another winner! Also a favorite is “Forgotten Dream,” a piece with a gently flowing pace that intertwines several themes into a “dreamy” whole. The final track is a reprise of “Evening Waltz,” a little shorter this time, but just as beautiful as the first take.

I predict that Jason Boyd is an artist we’ll be hearing a lot from. You can visit his website for samples at www.Jasonboyd.co.uk. Storyteller is available from Amazon, iTunes, and CD Baby. Check it out!

Kathy Parsons