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“Storyteller”‘s subtitle is “Beauty through simplicity,” and the liner notes state, “The aim of this album is to simply let the piano `speak’ in a clear, concise but most importantly, beautiful manner.” Several of the ten tracks on this album are really compelling, while a few are a bit too repetitious for these ears. Still, the really strong tracks are excellent and promise great things from this young composer.


“Storyteller” begins with the title track, a lovely piece that doesn’t quite have a melody, but follows a pattern of chord progressions that create a quiet, hypnotic atmosphere. “New Horizon” would probably be extremely effective with visuals, but to intently listen to it gets too repetitive for me. “Evening Waltz” has a bittersweet and graceful melody set to a simple waltz rhythm. Very classical in style, I really like this one! 


I first found Jason Boyd when I came across his single, “A day with Jane Austen.” It was a lovely track that I’m sure would strike a chord with any Jane Austen fan. Intrigued by this find, I sought out his other work, and purchased ‘Storyteller.’ It has since become one of my favorite albums to relax and read to.

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